HSL Product Line

Hatalom Electronic Air-Recoil Trainers (HEAT) Weapons

HEAT Weapons are design, developed, and implemented primarily for virtual training. They come with electronics to track virtual shots into domed and screen based virtual trainers for Shoot-Don't-Shoot scenarios and marksmanship training. HEAT was designed specifically to address the needs of the end-user to train our Soldier's in a virtual environment with weapons and weapons that provide the correct size, weight and weight balance of real weapons. HEAT weapons are ATF certified toys, and, therefore, have no security requirements. Both Small Arms and Heavy Weapons provide Laser and Recoil Kits with instrumentation and tracking conveyed to a workstation for real-time monitoring and AAR.

HSL Virtual Range (HVR)

The HVR system is designed to be a compact and mobile solution for DoD and commercial entities for use in marksmanship training and Shoot-Don't-Shoot Scenarios. The system is comprised of both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for the military, federal, and local agencies and is easy to set-up with a single, multi-screen, and domed systems composed of a computer systems, screens, projectors, cameras, and HEAT weapons.

HSL Virtual Range (HVR)

HEAT prop weapons are used in live training to simply provide the look, feel, and sound signature for battlefield effects of real OPFOR weapons.

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